How do I know if Camp Matzav is for me?

Looking to have a fun summer? A summer where relationships are fostered? A summer of self-discovery? A summer enriched by the positivity of Torah values?

If you answered yes to any of the above questions then perhaps Camp Matzav is for you!
At Camp Matzav, we focus on every individuals’ strengths and potential through our innovative daily programming and trips. If you are looking to have a great time this summer – Camp Matzav is for you!

What is the Camp Matzav hashkafa?

The hashkafa of Camp Matzav is intrinsic positivity towards Torah and Yiddishkeit. The daily camp schedule will include davening and shuirim, structured in a fun and enjoyable manner. Each Shabbos and special occasion in camp will be maximized to facilitate a truly inspiring experience. As per Rabbi Yaakov Kaminetsky zt’l and recent PEW Studies, more can be accomplished in a child’s value for Yiddishkeit and self-development in a three-week camp environment than even 9 months in school.

What does the daily Camp Matzav schedule look like?

Each day at Camp Matzav is unique, customizable, and full of fun!
There are:
-Sports such as football, basketball, baseball, volleyball, and more.
-Special activities such as woodworking, magic clubs, pioneering, music studio, and more.
-Water sports such as Lake trampoline, canoeing, paddle boating, inflatables, beachside lake swimming.
-davening, shuirim, and other Torah enrichments.
-Exciting interactive night activities
-and lots more!

What are the camp rules like at Camp Matzav?

All camp rules are to enable us to provide a fun and safe atmosphere for every attendee. This includes respecting and being sensitive to all those on the campgrounds. Some examples of this are: no cell phones, no technology aside from a listening device without a screen with only Jewish music, only appropriate reading materials can be brought to camp, and attendance at all camp activities.

How do I keep in touch with my son while he is in camp?

In line with national camp norms, no cell phones will be allowed on grounds at Camp Matzav. Campers will have access to camp phones once a week, supplies for letters, the ability to receive emails, and the option to send emails home via our camp computer room. Staff will have access to their phones at designated times and in designated places.

What is the food like at Camp Matzav?

All camp food is nutritious, delicious, and prepared with the highest regard for Kosher guidelines. All meals are prepared by our camp chef who has an extensive camp and yeshiva cooking background. Any allergy and dietary restriction is accommodated so every Camp Matzav attendee can have enough energy to make the most of each day.

How are health needs addressed at camp?

Camp Matzav has a fully stocked infirmary and camp nurse to take care of all your son’s health needs. Our camp nurse is available 24/7 and is not only knowledgeable, but sensitive and nurturing too. All camp medical forms are kept private and follow PHI regulations. Additionally, there is a clinical social worker with a lot of camping experience to help address any social or emotional needs that may arise.

How do I know my son will be safe at camp?

Your son’s safety is the #1 concern at Camp Matzav (fun is #2!). With the decades of administrative camp experience of our staff, no single detail in regard to safety is overlooked. Each Camp Matzav attendee is treated how we would want our own son to be while at camp, cultivating a constant sense of security and comfort. The campsite itself is nearly a mile off the closest main road and has only one point of entry via a security post. There is an above average staff to camper ratio, and each staff member goes through extensive training to ensure all safety protocol and tools for fostering security in campers.

Is there transportation to and from camp?

Transportation details and arrangements will be made once registered for camp. Coach buses from various Midwest cities will be an available option, as well as various group flights with chaperones provided.

How do I apply to Camp Matzav?

Just fill out an application! Once accepted you will access your Parent Login to fill out camp forms and other information.